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MegaFeed™, a manufactured brand of Pharmapex Animal Health Department (AHD), offers the highest quality of specialty products for the animal feed industry around the world. Our products are unique and customized for improving a variety of feed related procedures for Poultry (Breeders, Layers, and Broilers) and Cattle (Dairy and Beef), as well as other species such as Horses, Sheep, Swine, and Fish.

All of our products have been fully researched and certified, as required, by accredited laboratories in the United States such as Romer Labs and Trilogy Analytical Laboratories. Our ingredients are approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

MegaFeed™ family of products, which have commercially proven to be very effective in the field, includes the following additives:

†We manufacture many of our products under distinct brand names for sales and distribution in different parts of the world. This assignment of brand names to different territories and our strategic brand management are carried out based on various factors including our corporate polices, global and regional marketing strategies, distributorship arrangements, and product customization. For information about availability of specific brands in your country you may contact our Marketing Department at

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